… and welcome to our current domain for the Awoo! DAC.

To understand what Awoo! is one should know the term ‘invisible hand‘.

Awoo! is simply the invisible paw of the EOS blockchain.

Our plan is to dump the brightest billion people on earth into one virtual agora and allow them absolute free-will in thought and action.

The founders of Awoo! are excited about building a dApp that will enable humanity to collaborate on the thousands of missions that they choose to achieve…

… and we are hopeful that the fundamental output of this experiment in human volition will be peace, prosperity and abundance.

Hey, we’re already coding and will have our MVP complete by Spring 2018.

So if you have skills and would like to collaborate with an enthusiastic team of devs (Neo, Oskar and Tuan) in this epic endeavor, then hit us up in our telegram group.

Now about our token… because everyone wants to buy into an ‘ICO’ and get rich ‘passively’ while drinking a beer and refreshing a trading chart.

Nope. No token sale.

Instead, we will airdrop One Billion ‘mutton’ tokens on EOS token holders shortly after the public EOS blockchain launches in June of 2018.  Our target date for airdrop is July 27th 2018.

There will be another billion mutton tokens up for grabs which will be distributed to anyone who does any action that helps Awoo! improve and grow. These actions include; coding, creative work, marketing, beta testing and much more.

Follow us on twitter for opportunities to earn mutton.

Note: If you want to trade mutton you’ll need to open a Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Account so we can distribute the mutton tokens that you earn directly to you.

Or you could just keep earning mutton and we’ll transfer it directly into your Awoo! account once the Awoo! dApp goes live on ‘everyone’s open society’… I mean on the ‘exponential operating system’…. er I mean #EOS.

Let’s begin.

Troi Bryan

Awoo! DAC co-founder.